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Questions and Answers

Your Questions, Answered

What is your hygiene rating?

I am registered with the local council and am awaiting my inspection to be given my Hygiene rating. I am up to date with my online Hygiene and Food Safety Awareness Courses.

Do you offer gluten free items?

As I am a home business and use my own kitchen to run my business at the moment, I cannot say I supply gluten free products. My kitchen handles wheat flour and so there may be traces in my cakes, however careful I am. I have made a lot of almond flour cakes and can be very careful if I know a customer is after a gluten free cake, however for legal reasons, I will always have to say, "may contain traces of gluten". 

Do you deliver?

Yes I do deliver within a 5 mile radius of Old Stratford however anything outside of that radius will incurr a delivery fee. 

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